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Tony Locke

seriously ill?

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Tony is worried! What was once considered a "one off"  is now clearly more than that...this is getting serious! Give me half an opportunity and I am out there somewhere fishing...not always for carp it has to be said, but usually they are the target species. Like most of you, i work all week and I fish all weekend. My diary records where I fished and what I caught and every week for the last 12 months and more there are  2 entries or more, until this month. That is until mid- August. Last Sunday I just couldn't be bothered and that was weird because the rivers were perfect, fining down after a flood. I had fished the Saturday and the river was heavily colored which normally means a good chance  of a large carp ( OK we are talking Georgia here are so we are only talking of twenties). It didn't happen, although I did catch a nice blue cat  and a flathead cat, which is fine by me. Now we come to this weekend and I really could not summon up any enthusiasm at all. Normally  I spend time during the week planning...where am I going, what am I going to do different? Then by Friday night, the gear is sorted , the fresh bait prepared and no need for an alarm clock, because I am always well awake before I need to be...often I am at the chosen place before dawn- it is pitch black and I have to wait until it is light enough to make the first cast. Not this Saturday- the gear was just chucked in the car and then I was about to put the normal few cans of sweetcorn in..and well that is boring so on the spur of the moment I decided to put the corn back and just took a bag of frozen peas. Of course any "normal" person would have taken a back up bait..corn, bollies, bread... I mean they could just stay in the car. I was so optimistic I even  took a good book!

So it was that I travelled the 65 miles to Rome GA to fish the Coosa river with peas. Now if you have never tried peas, then you need to understand this is not quite as mad as it might appear. They are a seed bait like any other and, while I had never fished with them in America before, I had had success in Germany...admittedly that was because I mistakenly took a can of peas instead of corn! This mistake was certainly better than the time I took a can of creamed corn, but that is another story. 

Seeing as I had all my gear with me I fished "the works" ...I used a waggler float down the middle of the river, a stick float down the inside line, I free-lined peas and I tried peas nailed to the bottom and I "method" fished them. The only thing I didn't try was hair rigged peas, as that was getting a bit silly. And how did I do? I had carp on EVERY method I tried. In the end I had about 15 carp in 3 hours...and OK they weren't big...OK, they were small, around 5lb  with just a couple pushing double figures( but not close enough to warrant the use of scales). I had a channel cat on free lined peas and the biggest shock of all, a 5lb striper that took two free-lined peas on the retrieve!

You would think that with, what by my standards, was a successful outing, that on Sunday I would be raring to go again, but no! I had spotted some rot in the exterior woodwork of the house. I told myself, fix that and then if you have time, you can go fishing. 3:00PM and I was done with the repair job, but rather than get out fishing, I opted to sit in the hot tub and read the book that I didn't have time to yesterday. 

What is wrong with Tony?...2 weekends in a row now have seen me not prepared to fish both days. This is serious...I need to check on my medical insurance and up the life insurance!

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Sometimes, a bit of a pause helps appreciate more those precious fishing sessions... Nothing wrong with that. 

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