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The Big Worm

You Never Know.....

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All I can say is I spent every free moment fishing this lake in High School 34years+ ago for Bass and Pike. Was close enough to the house to ride a bike with a fishing vest and a rod....and only a couple houses from cousins that if I was to tired I could talk my uncle into driving home....after diner. Later in college it would be the lake to hit between classes or to meet buddies. It was the best public pond no-one fished....till word finally got out with a  newspapers front page 40"+ pike caught on hot dog by a 9 year old kid.....then things were never the same. 

The was the down stream sister lake to a known Match Angler Favorite, and home to a 3000 people fishing derby (on a 45 acre lake). 

I had a few young guys I got into carp fishing looking for a close place  to try....about the same age as me when I use to fish there....so I told them of the lake.....and another close by with Mulberry trees everywhere...which they had no luck at so they tried my old stomping grounds......I'll be honest, I never fished for carp there.....who knew...


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