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War in Waco :: CAG NTX vs. CTX

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Hosted by Clayton Lothrop and Chad Woolard

This is it. All the bragging rights for 1 year. Who can make it happen when the chips are down, when the going gets tough, when the [insert war cliche' here]?

"War in Waco" is the North Texas vs. Central Texas CAG event you've been waiting for. Anglers from both sides will converge on the midway battle ground of Lake Waco for a no-holds-barred, righteous Fish-off.



Top 5 heaviest fish (Common Carp and Smallmouth Buffalo) will result in an accumulative weight for each faction. After a faction reaches 5 total fish, the smallest will be culled out to represent the team's 5 heaviest fish. The team with the greatest total wieght wins.

Winning faction will recieve the War in Waco Trophy and bragging rights for a term of 1 year, when we will meet again and sort it out on the bank.

The selected battleground is Woodway Park, Lake Waco.

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