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Mike Pike

A fine morning at the harbour.

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Well, after all the rain on Saturday, it looked like Sunday morning would be nice and dry so I headed down to the harbour to cast for some carp.



Once the mist burned off, I cast out my method feeder with high expectations after seeing a few carp jumping off in the distance.  I couldn't quite cast out to where I saw the active fish, but I was still confident because I felt I was close enough.  A bleep or two on my bite alarm signaled fish were around my offering but, after a couple of hours, I still hand no takes.

I noticed a few bubblers in the margin so I switched up and chummed an area only about 12 feet distant and cast my bolt rig out, hoping for the best.  My rod tip twitched a a few times and I received a couple of beeps on my bit alarm but still nada.

Lots of people started to show up at this point and, although I don't think the carp are disturb by all the pedestrian activity on the pier, I do think the constant splashes and casts around my bait by the other angles may have put them off.

I decided to move to a new location and it was probably the location I should have went to in the first place.  With the moderate west wind blowing, this was the windward shoreline and best chance for a bite.

After another couple of hours of no activity, my rod tip finally started to show there was a fish milling about my pva bag and bait.  I was finally rewarded with a spirited fight from this game little battler.  At 14lbs, I was pretty please to have met its aquaintance.  lol



Well., that was it for the morning and I think it was a day of rest for the carp as well( lol ), but it was still an enjoyable way to spend a Sunday morning!





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