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Are there any fellow carpers in the Kanawha Valley?


I always fish alone but it would be fun to find some fellow carpers in the area to BS with and occasionally get together for a session or two.


Let me know if any of you are around!

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Not from Charleston (or WV for that matter - SW PA ) - but would like to get back down to WV to do some carping again.

Used to fish the Weston Carp Festival back in the day.........so another few hours South wouldn't be too out of hand for a weekend trip.

might be able to get some other PA guys to come down too - there are some good fish in WV.


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Beech Fork down near Huntington has some whoppers in and around the boat docks.  They have the little gumball machines that sell fish food and people feed them.  You can't fish off the docks, but you can fish near them.  last time I was down that way, I was there for a day of boating with non fishing friends and didn't have my rods with me.  The carp were thick around the docks...big fat ones.

The Kanawha has a lot of carp, but I have not really caught anything huge.  10 pounders are not uncommon but they taper off in size pretty quickly.

Coal river at Tornado (above the upper falls) has some really big carp in that pool.  Hard to find a place to get to the water though.  Banks are very steep and there isn't much shoreline when you finally get down to the water level.


Elk river supposedly has some pretty decent size fish, but I have never fished it.  It shares the same problem that the Coal does...limited access unless in a boat.

Ridenour Lake in downtown Nitro is one of my regular venues.  It's kinda hard and the fish are finicky from so much pressure...but there are some really big fish in it.


Give me a shout sometime if planning on heading this way!

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