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Metohd/ chum

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Hello everyone,

Well I am a newbie to this carp fishing and have picked up on some very awesome techniques. I am still very stumped none the less. I have been doing well catching commons out of etowah river know how to locate them and chum them to my area even caught some small mouth buffalos. My greatest task at hand is the Grasser. I have done well catching on average 8-10 pounders but am stumped on locating the monsters in this 5 acre pond I fish. One question at hand is when a spot is blown up how close is too close to relocate? Second question is what is a good mix fory oatmeal for chumming/ method? I've been doing a very simple mollases, corn syrup and grits mix finding that old fashioned trumps quick oats bar none. I'm ultimately trying to find a good smell or combination of smells to attract the big 30+lbrs here. What might some good for mixing into my boilies? Or what might I use simply? Haven't tries the top water action yet. That's soon to come. Stale fruit loops :) my daughter won't eat them and neither will I so I'm doing that maybe tomorrow!

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