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Hemp produce

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Hello everyone in the North Georgia region,

My name is James as you can tell haha. Well I have some information for you that might help A LOT! I'm new to the carp diem experience but not the locations of sweet feeds, millet etc, etc. thanks to a lot of getting around with hunting, health foods buying (thx mom), puttin up with horses, hogs, pretty much a lot I won't divulge anymore into that. I will say this if you're looking for some hemp produce check around in Cartersville, Ga at the herb shops and health food shops. Mine is secret (herb shop behind Lowes) oops Lol. They have much hemp produce. Bag of hemp seed forgot the weight of it but they are shelled yet its good for a method mix or chum mix @ 12.99. Hemp oil 12 oz. for prepared baits 12.99 lasts for quite some time. A little bit goes a long ways! If interested in more talk to me.

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