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RESULTS - November 12, 2016 “Honor the Vets” Tournament at Joliet, IL

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Dave Marceau, Mike Olinger, Frank Rink go 1-2-3 in Big 4 event; Frank Rink, Dave Marceau catch most carp.


Joliet’s DesPlaines River finally provided some decent fishing for most anglers during the November 12 “Honor the Vets” Big 4 and Most-Carp events.  Thirty degree temperatures at 6:30 a.m. greeted the twelve anglers for peg choice, but that temperature rose to the mid-50's by day's end.

Those in attendance were Chad Bettisch, Cory Bohmann, Tony Donato, Chuck Ferczok, Brent Hammond, Anthony Hartung, Dave Marceau, Mike Olinger, Connor Reno, Fred Rhodes, Larry Seeman, and Frank Rink.


Bluebird skies caused a lull in the mid-day bite, but decent water conditions had 10 of the 12 anglers recording fish.  Thirty-nine carp were captured and released.  Five anglers averaged double digits for their Big 4 totals (40 pounds or more for Big 4).


Dave Marceau perfected a little used peg 1 technique by casting to the river’s channel.  His strategy and resulting catches resulted in a first place Big 4 victory with 50 pounds, 13 ounces (15-2, 12-14, 12-0, 10-13).  Dave took home the $120 purse and a medal.


Mike Olinger caught big fish of the day (16-3) early (7:44 a.m.) from peg 3 at Jackson Street, and that fish anchored his Big 4 total of 47-7 (16-3, 15-1, 8-14, 7-5) for a second place medal and the $70 monetary prize.


Frank Rink moved from his Jackson Street peg to an east bank location (peg 23) at 10:30 a.m. due to just one six pounder at Jackson.  That move proved somewhat fortuitous as his Big 4 total of 45-11 (15-14, 11-11, 10-2, 8-0) was good enough for third place honors ($50 and medal).


Cory Bohmann took fourth place with 41-10 (13-0, 10-15, 10-0, 7-11) from peg 9.


Anthony Hartung did very well from little-used peg 11.  He posted a personal best with 15-5 and was also fifth in the Big 4 tournament with 41-8 (15-5, 11-6, 9-2, 5-5).


Connor Reno caught five fish from his peg 8 location, good for sixth place and a 33-5 total (10-4, 9-14, 7-2, 6-1).


Chad Bettisch pulled in an 11-15 and a 7-3 from peg 23.

Chuck Ferczok and Larry Seeman each had a fish from their Jackson Street pegs.


Frank Rink and Dave Marceau tied for most fish caught with eight.  Frank’s 15-14 edged Dave’s 15-2 to break the Most-Carp Event tie for the $60 purse and medal.


Dave won $40 and a medal for second place in the Most-Carp event.

Mike Olinger was third with six fish. 



Connor Reno and Cory Bohmann each netted five, and Anthony Hartung recorded four.


Cory Bohmann won a shirt donated by Chuck Ferczok for first carp captured.  Cory netted his 4-10 carp at 7:40 a.m.


Dave Marceau’s seven catfish easily won the specialty event for most catfish (medal and Marukyu hookbaits).  Dave reported that one of his catfish was in the ten pound range! 


The carp weren’t huge but 16 were in double digits:

16-3 - Mike Olinger
15-14 - Frank Rink
15-5 - Anthony Hartung
15-2 - Dave Marceau
15-1 - Mike Olinger
13-0 - Cory Bohmann
12-14 - Dave Marceau
12-0 - Dave Marceau
11-15 - Chad Bettisch
11-11 - Frank Rink
11-6 - Anthony Hartung
10-15 - Cory Bohmann
10-13 - Dave Marceau

10-4 - Connor Reno
10-2 - Frank Rink
10-0 - Cory Bohmann



Thanks, again, to all who attended!  Our next event will be the annual “Paul Wells Memorial - Thanksgiving Tournament” on Saturday, November 26, 2016 at Joliet’s DesPlaines River.  Hope you can make it. —Frank Rink

(Thanks to Cory Bohmann, Connor Reno, and Chad Bettisch for submitting photos!)

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Great pics almost every angler caught that's a great thing

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