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Late fall tactics?

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I'm aware of this time of year being very wonderful for big carp. I'm moving out of the river scene into the lake scene and am looking and wondering where the key spots are in which I should be focusing upon this time of the year. I ask this as I am out here on lake Allatoona now at one area I know holds big girls in it. Just don't know what I'm looking for. Any hints, tips or spills would be wonderful!! 


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For my winter lake carping, I try to go to the area that has the most sun through the day...hopefully it's fairly shallow and thus will warm faster.  If that isn't an option, then I try to find a place where a creek or stream is flowing in...which is also usually shallow and a little warmer and also helps in dispersing scent/attractant.


That's just what works for me.

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Well, I've read about that but also have read a lot about the carp moving into deeper waters as well sometimes finding snags and blowdowns in the deeper parts of the margins to hang out and hold for the winter. I am aware that now time is actually the fattening up time so, to me I'm trying to find out what are they particular upon as they are on this feeding binge.

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