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SIGN UP - FISH-IN: January 1, 2017 "Happy New Year - FFF" Fish-In at Joliet, IL

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Victor Zemeckis is in!  Thanks, Victor!  :yourock:

The field of eight is FULL for the January 1, 2017 "Happy New Year - FFF" Fish-In at Joliet's Jackson St.:
1.  Anthony Hartung
2.  Chad Bettisch
3.  Larry Seeman
4.  Cory Bohmann
5.  Tony Donato
6.  Dave Marceau
7.  Victor Zemeckis

8.  Frank Rink

Thanks to all for signing up! --Frank

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I'm out the door shortly for the fourth and final groundbaiting session for the upcoming "Happy New Year - FFF" Fish-In at Joliet's Jackson St.


Don't forget . . .

1.  Peg choice is at 11:00 p.m. sharp at Jackson St.

2.  You may begin chumming and fishing immediately after peg draw, but only fish that are hooked after midnight count.

3.  Three rods are allowed.

4.  I will provide a scale at a central location, but feel free to use your own if it is more convenient.

5.  For medal purposes, fishing runs from midnight until 8:00 a.m.  Of course, you can fish after 8:00 a.m. if you wish and/or if you are participating in CAG's FFF.

6.  Of the six CAG members who are participating in the Fish-In, five have registered for FFF.  Get in it, Tony!

7.  Don't forget proper carp care.

8.  Thanks to Larry Seeman for providing some food.

9.  I will distribute three-pound bags of cracked corn if you want to use it for chum or as part of your own groundbait.

10.  If possible, please arrive a few minutes prior to 11:00 to give us time for waiver signings, optional contest entry, etc.  The earlier everyone gets there, the sooner you can start preparing your pegged area.  I'll be there around 10:00 p.m.

11.  Drive safely.  There are some crazies out there on a night like this.

12.  Best of luck! --Frank

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