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RESULTS - January 21 "January Thaw Big 4 Tournament" at Joliet, IL

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Connor Reno dominates January 21 Tournament at Joliet!



The “January Thaw” Big 4 Carp Tournament at Joliet. Illinois’ DesPlaines River brought everything that a mid-winter thaw entails.  


On the upside, a record setting high near 60° smashed the previous high by over 10 degrees and it was a beautiful, sunny day to be outside.  


On the downside, frozen ground cannot absorb the snow and rain run-off that a thaw brings, so dirt and debris have nowhere to go but into the river.  That downside presented some difficult challenges for all of the January 21 participating anglers, except Connor Reno.


Although he had the second-to-last choice of pegs in the six-angler field, the tournament’s final results showed that Connor wisely chose a protected barge repair-slip that contained slower current and cleaner water.  Connor paired that location with some carp catching skill and dominated the rest of us with first place finishes in all three contested categories.


Connor Reno’s Big four total of 33-4 (12-4, 8-14, 6-10, 5-8) easily doubled the total weight (13-8) captured by all of the remaining anglers participating in the event.  


His five total carp almost doubled the number of carp (3) caught by the rest of us.


Whenever there are six anglers (or fewer) at an Illinois Tournament Series event, the monetary prize package changes to award just two places for the main event and a winner-take-all scenario in the optional total-number-of-carp contest.  However, medals are still awarded at three for Big 4, two for total-carp, and one for specialty event.


Needless to say, Connor Reno swept all the top prizes, but there were a few other awards/medals distributed.


Connor took first in the Big 4 tournament with a total weight of 33-4 for his four carp, including a pretty mirror.


Dave Marceau won second place money and a medal for his 5-10.


Larry Seeman won a third place medal for a 5-0 carp, which was the first fish of the day.


In the total-carp contest, Connor Reno’s five fish earned him the top medal and the $60 prize money.


Dave Marceau, Larry Seeman, and Frank Rink tied for second in the most-carp contest with one fish each, and Dave Marceau’s 5-10 broke the tie as big fish of the three.  Dave won the 2nd place medal for his achievement.


Connor Reno also took home the BFS luggage, donated by Fred Rhodes, and a specialty medal for catching the last fish of the day.


It was a wonderful day to be fishing, and the weather conditions provided a nice respite from the winter doldrums.  It’s too bad, for most of us, that the river and carp-catching conditions did not match the weather.  Congrats to Connor Reno for a well-deserved sweep of awards and to Emilio Montoya, Anthony Hartung, Dave Marceau, Larry Seeman, and Frank Rink for their attendance.  


Details about the third event in the 2017 Illinois Tournament Series will be posted soon.  —Frank Rink

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A big congrats to Connor, it was fun fishing with him and  I enjoyed being his " net boy" for the day. Can't wait til the next tourney.


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