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May 13th

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Hopefully more reports will come with better weather 

first time out this spring, more mile than I cared to put on but extreme high and cold water every place I stopped. Tried several spring backwater spots around west end of Lake Ontario with no luck. Headed back to Hamilton harbour and found a nice warm shore line but still about 2 ft high and carp cruising in around flooded trees.

lots of fish cruising and managed to land 4 fish over 2 hours, nothing special, all on garlic honey homemade corn. Fish very close to shore - 10 to 15 ft and nothing farther out. Float and bottom rig both took fish

grabbed 1 photo will try and upload later

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Good job, Fang.  Nice when you mix up your own bait flavours and get a positive response.

Only been out a couple times myself to a small lake about an hour from Hamilton, but outside of the occasional beep on my alarm, I've got nothing to post( And I hate just posting scenery shots with no carp in the mix...lol ). 

I was able to spot one fish in the murky water, and noticed the tell-tale 'bow waves' occasionally, so I'll definitely give it another go.  


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