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CarpQuest S5E5 - Carp Fishing Chatfield Reservoir at Night - p2

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Well, it's not been too long, your coffee pot is likely still warm, so sit back, pour yourself a hot mug of java and enjoy our latest episode.

With our recent success fishing overnight we returned to Chatfield for another session. Over confident from our previous trip we setup in the rain and wind, anticipating many catches. A few catfish graced the net, including a big fat channel cat. We did land some baby carp and finally a few nice low doubles. Tough night, but still fun.
Victory Coffee is not just for carp, any great catch is worthy of a mug!
Hope you enjoy ! 

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Fish is fish; :),  you don't know what you have til you land it, so whether its a 20lb carp, 10lb catfish, or 1lb carp, its the fun associated with catching it!!......good job regardless!!

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Thanks !   i do admit, a good sized cat can put up an almost carp like battle, well worth of a coffee ! Now, being over-run by lots of small catfish is no fun, those little suckers can pack down everything, their guts seemingly endless, no matter how full. Their tiny mouths, able to suck in and crunch down the largest of boilies and snowman rigs, etc ! 

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