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This weeks carp-advent of the hair rig!!!!

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Hello all!!.

      Weeeelllllll, we had all-time historic flooding in KC so it put the clamp on creek fishing, so I had no choice but to fish flooded ponds and focused on tying more hair-rigs, which I just hadn't refined and been successful on ( I've caught a total of 3, yes 3! carp on hair rigs in the past year and have been very disheartened, but this week has been different!.....One afternoon I caught 6 carp,(ranging from 2-6lbs)  this 2lb 15oz goldfish, 2 snapping turtles, and 3 channel catfish, -one half on a hair rig, and the others on the subtle bit technique including 2 doubles! (cat/carp and goldfish/carp)......then, yesterday caught this lone 2lb 13oz carp on a hair, and today, finally, this last pic of a nice carp- 14-1, (with a squared tail) on the hair, plus one catfish and one smaller carp (~2lbs) that I didn't get a picture of........the method was the same- 30g ribbed method feeder packed with a combo of panko, sweetcorn, sweetcorn juice, and strawberry jello, with a very short (3-4") hook link, a piece of fake corn with a piece of sweetcorn and the eye buried in the pack...........worked well and gave me some confidence as I shift to nighttime lake fishing!!.......appreciate the forums and advice -it all helps!!!!

Common carp 3lb 6oz Aug 20, 2017.JPGcommon carp 4lb 1oz Aug 20 2017.JPGcommon carp 5lb 7oz Aug 20, 2017.JPGGoldfish 2lb 13oz Aug 20 2017.JPGchannel cat 6lb Aug 20 2017.JPGCommon carp 2lb 3 oz Aug 20 2017.JPGCommon carp 4lb 8oz Aug 20 2017.JPGCommon carp 6lb 7oz Aug 20 2017.JPGCommon carp2lb 13oz aug 26 2017.JPGCommon carp 14lbs Aug 27 2017.JPG

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