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So I recently purchased a WaterWolf underwater camera for carp fishing and I did my first test last weekend (09-10-17). Where I live in Michigan, the water was 66 degrees F and this was the first time I tried using boiled feed corn over sweet corn. I made a mix of fish pellets, feed corn, and garbanzo beans. I was amazed to see how many carp were swimming around my baited area but none of them were feeding. They were all very small for the lake I fish and I know that when the carp are on the heavy spring/fall/post spawn feed you don't see very many small ones around, at least where I'm at.

I have a few proposals on why they weren't feeding:

1. They didn't like the feed corn - I figured if the bullheads and turtles didn't eat it (and they eat anything) then why would the carp like it? But why wouldn't they like it?

2. The water is still too warm for the fall feeding spell.

3. They weren't confident (maybe because of the camera)

4. They weren't hungry (I find that hard to believe)

If you guys could watch my video and give me some feedback on why they weren't eating that would be greatly appreciated. Please skip to 2:18, that's where the first carp shows up.


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I think any reason wenough could give would be pure speculation. They were most likely just not feeding. 


I have a WW too. They are great pieces of equipment. It is great to see what is happening on the lake bed. 

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