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Nash alarms for sale

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3 s5 alarms.  with a carry case.  I know the carry case says s5r.  The alarms I have dont have the receiver.  For short sessions and small venues there great.  cheap too.  Three alarms with carry case.  100 shippled.  I basically knocked off 10 bucks of each unit from original price.  

If in the future you want the nash alarms with the receiver, you will at least have the carry case and these as back ups.  if you want to save some money, pick em up.  

The alarms are also brand new.  They still have the sticker in back of the battery cover.  



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........not familiar with alarms at all, though always wanted to try-what is the need for the receiver?- do they not work if you don't have it?....

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These alarms do not have a receiver.  They are not designed to have one.  A receiver is good if you are away from your swim, you can hang put it in your pocket or around your neck and it will notify you when you get a run.  its also good for if you fish over night.  You can turn down the volume on  your alarms and your receiver in the bivvy will notify you.  

The alarms with receivers are more expensive.  If you are just pleasure fishing, doing a short session and you are not away from your rods, they work just fine.  I have delkims and other alarms with a receiver and I hardly ever use my receiver.  Alarms come in handy because on the bank, I am always doing something.  Im either making my pva mesh, keeping my packbait or groundbait in "working" order ( doesn't dry )  and making grounbait balls to chum the area.  so my eyes aren't always on my rods.  Ill be doing my thing, alarm goes off, bam.  

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