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Todd Richer_7193

Fox M+ Bite Alarm.

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This may be a long shot but I thought I would give it a shot...  Does anyone have or know where I can get a replacement alarm cover for my Fox M+ bite alarm???

At some point this spring I lost one of the covers for my bite alarms. At first I figured it was in the bottom of my ruck sack or somewhere in my truck but after 4 months , no luck.

If you have these alarms, you know all too well that the cover is the only thing that keeps the toggle switch  (power switch) from inadvertently going on when you have them stored in your pack.

Not Good..  And quite frankly, I'm having trouble sleeping at night knowing that its gone...  ha ha jk.   Any help would be appreciated..




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Hey Todd, this other fellow named Todd seems eager to be helpful. You may want to speak with him. I don't know, using a mirror or something?

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Unfortunately,  he and I have had a falling out due to his level of commitment in this matter.  He called me "cheep" and said I should just buy a new set of alarms....

What say you????



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