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Trakker jacket and t-shirt for sale

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I was recently given a brand new Trakker jacket and t-shirt from a company in England. Unfortunately they are both just a bit to snug for me, as I seem to lie right between the medium and large sizes. The downside is that it costs quite a bit to ship them back for an exchange. Before I try to send back these two items to exchange them and pay double shipping, I thought I'd put them here to see if anybody was interested in them. They are both brand new with tags and everything. I have left links to each items description from the Trakker page, which includes their size chart since their sizes may run a little different than most.



I'm asking 75 bucks for both together and shipping to you which is about 25 bucks below their price new. If you're only interested in one, we can work something out. Just thought I'd put it out there before I tried to deal with international shipping. Thanks!

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As a quick follow up, I'll leave this on the table through the weekend. However I need to let the store know my intentions by Monday. So if no one is interested, I'll just ship them back for an exchange.

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The jacket and shirt are both size medium, and yes I'd sell just the jacket. I'd say 55, and that includes shipping. That would give you about 11 bucks off the retail price and free shipping. I love the jacket. It's so awesome and super warm. Just a touch too snug on me under the arms.

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