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Two PBs busted in one session!

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Had my most memorable session to date this past Sunday. Broke my long standing PB Common of 28lbs with a brute Common of 31lbs! Add two other 25lb class Commons and a few smaller ones. Also broke my Grass carp PB with a thick 41lb fish! Added one other long lean grassie that measured 41". It was truly a great day for me. Was thankful for being joined by "petew" from the forums and AJ from the Facebook group. It would have been a tough time netting these fish on my own. 

31lb PB Common


Couple 25lb Commons



Few scrappers





PB 41lb Grass Carp


Long, lean grassie.


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Very very nice!!.......I'll join ya sometime on a Sunday/Monday; I've tweaked my hair rigs to a pop-up boilee blowback rig and caught all my fish last night (9 in 4 hours) on them.......That 31lbr is a beast!!!...........Great work!!....

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Awesome! Still stuck on my PB. :dry:

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