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Cold weather baits

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Many times this time of year can be a tough time for carp, lots of junk (chod) can blow it making it hard or uncomfortable for carp to feed on bottom so step one is find a location the carp are feeding, scanning the area with binoculars for breaches...also looking at winds and currents to see where leaves and other debris accumulate..these are areas to avoid this time of year..also wafers or pop ups are your friend...other than a single pop up plastic corn on a chod or KD rig...I also like a soft dough on a hair rigged spring...below is one that has worked for me

2 cups of wheaties brand cereal whizzed to a powder in a blender.... 1/3 cup of carnation milk powder...2 table spoons of schnapps....1 pack of strawberry or pineapple jello and the juice of a couple cans of sweet corn

mix all your drys in a ziplock bag and shake well 

then in a  separate bowl drain the sweet corn and save the corn for chum

in a blender mix the schnapps and corn juice

you can add some dry aminos to your dry mix or liquid to your wets

mix to a nice dough ..if its too wet add more wheaties powder

roll into a big ball and put it on a plate and cover with a bowl and nuke it for 30 sec

place in a ziplock with a wet paper towel in the fridge

you can roll it in a ball and fish it like a boilee or on a hair rigged spring

post up captures and enjoy!








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I'd love to try this out, but water temps around here are bottoming out in the 40s! Fish not biting recently, been hit with cold front after cold front and it's really shutting them down :( 

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Same thing here, but be patient-they'll hit, just not in the numbers you see in the other seasons.....I went back to creek holes-the deeper ones on bends in the creeks-they are there-haven't seen them walk onto land yet:P

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liquidized bread.  

pink korda fake food floating maize soaked with hinders betalin and black or a small hinders tutti frutti wafter. 

Have fun

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