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(RI) pickerd

2017 RI Fall Combo Tournament Results

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For the past three months our RI CAG members have taken part on our annual RI Fall Combo Tournament.  The idea was to try to catch and enter your biggest common carp, your biggest mirror carp and your biggest catfish or horned pout.  The fish would be measured in inches and your point total was the combined inch total. The tournament has ended and here are the medal winners:

Gold medal- Brian Savage- 70 pts (35 inch common, 35 inch mirror)

Silver medal- Tom Perron- 48 pts. ( 34 inch common, 14 inch cat)

Bronze medal- Tony Carvalho- 47 pts. (32 inch common, 15 inch cat)

The winners will receive engraved medals provided by the national CAG.

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