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Blacksburg, VA

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Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone has ever carp fished near Blacksburg, VA. I have been out several times without any luck. I am struggling to find public shore fishing access.  I do not have access to a boat.  I've given up on finding a close by "home" body of water. I'm looking for places that are around an hour drive of Blacksburg. 

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Hello There,

I live in Richmond, VA around 200 miles from your place. I have been under similar annoyance ever since I moved from Arlington Heights, IL a year and a half back. It was there that Mr Larry introduced me to Carp fishing and his friend and partner is many fishing contests Mr Joseph on his insistence took me out for many field lessons. I loved catching Carp there. Now I have to dust the dirt off my rods. There is catfish in plenty I should say. Many a times I hooked one while fishing for carp.

People say there are fish in here though they give you that questionable look when you mention your passion for CARP. I have not been much lucky in catching any. I was so ashamed I could never call Larry or Joseph to tell them what I was doing with fishing out here.

You live close to the New River which I heard is a good Musky spot and some mentioned Carp too. Try that one. I have had people tell me the Potomac up in Washington DC is one sure spot . Never went there.

Sorry I am not much help. Will buzz if I have any good news for you. Till then keep reeling till the first one decides to take your bait.


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