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Thank you to the 12 brave anglers who made it to the MN Summer fish-in. Heavy rain up north resulted in the water level rising 5-6 feet and the 400 yards of fishable bank space was pretty much all submerged. We had to wade out to cast and lost a ton of fish to snags and floating debris.

Even in tough conditions, we landed 16 carp, 1 buffalo (and a lot of channel cats)


Congratulations to Max for landing a 17.5 lb fish and taking the 1st place medal


Congratulations to Nathan for landing 3 carp (and a lot of cats) in the 5 hours he fished. He got 2nd place


Congratulations to Sadiq for catching his first buffalo (or quillback) and winning 3rd place. 


Congratulations to Devin for landing a beautiful 2 toned carp.


We lost 10+ fish in snags throughout the day but overall we had a ton of fun and made new friends
















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