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Shimano Aerlex XT-A 8000

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Hello, I am new to the forum and looking for a strong reel with great casting and durability. I’m not sure what the drag system on the Shimano Aerlex XT-A 8000 is. Does anyone have one and know what the max drag on this reel is. I know it’s made for spooding, but with its great casting ability I wanted to know if I could use it as my regular fishing reel. Can it handle 30+lb carp or catfish? Thanks for any information you may have!

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I don't know that model.


I will offer this.  


The Penn Spinfisher 4500LL and the 6500LL have been serving me very well for a couple years now.  They do not have the long cast spools but they work pretty well for me and have very smooth and very strong drags.  (LL = Live liner...they are baitfeeder reels)


I have a 4500LL on a 10'-0 carp rod loaded with approx 280 yds of 30 pound camo braid.  I use that basically in the margins.  The 6500LL's are on a 12' and 13' rods and they are loaded with 50# camo braid.  I always run a very long fluorocarbon leader and it works for me.  I can get out fairly close to 100yds if I really rip my shorts to do so.  I usually have no need to reach out that far.  


I have a Penn 7500 LC (long cast) that I use on my spod rod.  It's sole purpose is to deliver feed at long distances.  I can hit 100 with it with a fully loaded spomb if I step into it and rip the shorts....(the 7500 LC is NOT a Live liner, it is just a large, long cast spinning reel.  I have 300 yds of 80 pound braid on it for flinging fully loaded spods)


I have the SSV (5) models but they have just came out with the SS6.  They are supposed to be "better".  I don't know.


Price is...


around 150 for the 4500LL and around 180-ish for the 6500LL


The 7500LC was around 180-190 if memory serves me right.


I bought all of this 3+ years ago so prices and things have changed.  You can still get the SSV models and now they are cheaper since they came out with the SS6 models but I imagine they are not making more of them and they will disappear as stock runs out.  Get'em while you can


solid reels for any adventure

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