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I thought I would introduce myself to the forum by giving a quick recount of my adventures the last month. I recently joined the forum, after being inspired by an idea for a bait by a member of this forum. I fished a lot as a kid but then spent the next 30 years on the West Coast. Moved back to Ontario and picked it up again this year. I got onto carp by running into an older (late 60's/early 70's) Hungarian couple carping away one day. I asked what they were fishing for, got the lowdown and away I went.

Since July 31, I've been fortunate enough to land 20+ carp, with the biggest being somewhere in the 20 lb range. I've only had 2 blanks, one being my own fault. I've fished through some of the hottest, most humid days this summer and have been rewarded handsomely for my patience. Without sounding too new-agey, there's a zen to carp fishing I really enjoy.

I've also introduced my son to the sport as well. He, too, is hooked. He was up for two days last week where we landed 7 and lost 3 (my fault. rookie mistake. crappy hooks...).

All in all, one of the best months of August I've had in a long time. And, not a 30 minute drive from my home!

IMG_6455 (600x800).jpg

IMG_6423 (768x1024).jpg

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