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October Fall Fish-in

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Well it's getting to that time of year again. The temperatures are dropping, the leaves are changing, and well, the big fish are feeding!

To honour the fall beasts, I'll be hosting an open CAG Fall Fish-in, Saturday October 13th between 8am-2pm @ Lasalle Marina, RAIN OR SHINE. The event is free, and welcomes anglers of all ages and skill levels to come out and enjoy the comradery and excitement of Carp Angling. 

Depending on event attendance, there will likely be a Big Fish pot on the side. For this it'll be, $10 a head, heaviest fish takes all. All eligible fish must be caught between 8am-2pm.

Bankspace shouldn't be a problem, however feel free to message me on the day for an update on bank conditions.

Be aware the Hamilton Harbour fishery falls under FMZ 20 and is regulated by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. All rules and regulations must be adhered too. Threatening/inappropriate behaviour towards others, littering and boisterous conduct will not be tolerated. Failure to heed these rules will lead to the subsequent removal of the angler at fault from the event.

Feel free to message me via personal message or on social media with any questions or concerns you may have.

Have a great Sunday,

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