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I first caught this bright orange koi sometime in 2012 (???) - there should be a thread out here somewhere..........

It weighed in at 10lbs.


I just recaptured it Sunday night (same body of water) and it weighed in at just over 12lbs.........

It fell to a WCB crayfish boilie - 20mm, in tandem with a Galliker's Pumpkin Pie milk / oatmeal pack.



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A stunning fish to be caught once, let alone TWICE?! That’s awesome! Congrats man!

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Thanks CC and Jerome.

There's some other large koi swimming in this venue, but  this guy is the only one to take a hookbait so far. I've watched them clean up a pile of freebies, and totally ignore the "target". Frustrating to say the least. It also holds some monster carp, but I have yet to capture any much over 15lbs, and they only seem to bite after dark.

Been working this spot for a few years now, and just can't manage to fool the big ones yet.

But I'll keep trying! Stay tuned..............

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