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(TX) djkleen02

Team List!

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Team Name: The MielieBombers

Team Member #1: Willem van Schalkwyk

CAG Forum Name: Willem (JD)

PB: 31-11

Team Member #2: Chris van Schalkwyk

CAG Forum  Name: Christian

PB: 32-6


Team Name: Renegades

Team Member #1: Christopher Bynum

CAG Forum Name: Christopher Bynym

PB: 26lbs

Team Member #2: William Turner

CAG Forum  Name: William Turner

PB: 18lbs


Team Name: tbd

Team Member #1: Mark Metzger

CAG Forum Name: dc mark metzger

PB: huuuuge

Team Member #2: Ben Matisz

CAG Forum  Name: Ben Matisz

PB: even huuuuuugger


Team Name: The Nod Squad

Team Member #1: Martin Rich

CAG Forum Name: Martin Rich

PB: I caught a cricket bat common once

Team Member #2: James King

CAG Forum  Name: James King

PB: 10lb common


Team Name: CAG NTX

Team Member #1: Clayton Lothrop

CAG Forum Name: TX Angler

PB: 30

Team Member #2: Pieter Oberholzer

CAG Forum  Name: Pieter

PB: 35


Team Name: Dos Amigos

Team Member #1: David Moore

CAG Forum Name: David Moore

PB: 39

Team Member #2: Wayne Boon

CAG Forum  Name: Soniq_boon

PB: 39


Team Name: Polonia Carp Team

Team Member #1: Adam Krysiak

CAG Forum Name: Ada. Krysiak

PB: 38.2 lb

Team Member #2: Jaroslaw Latka

CAG Forum  Name: Jaroslaw Latka

PB: 30.01 lb


Team Name: Filthy Oars

Team Member #1: Adam Kartzke

CAG Forum Name: Adam Kartzke

PB: 36

Team Member #2: Chris Munn

CAG Forum  Name: Chris Munn

PB: 37


Team Name: BlankBusters

Team Member #1: Aniq Sajjad

CAG Forum Name: chayathecat

PB: 28

Team Member #2: Jaffar Syed

CAG Forum  Name: Jaffar Syed

PB: 33


Team Name: H&M - K-1 Baits

Team Member #1: Marcin Szydlowski

CAG Forum Name: fishfasol1

PB: 39.3

Team Member #2: Henryk Burza

CAG Forum  Name: Thunder

PB: 31.13


Team Name: Mama's Boys

Team Member #1: August Wells

CAG Forum Name: Texas-Z

PB: 35lb 6oz

Team Member #2: Derek Konz

CAG Forum  Name: n/a

PB: 38


Team Name: Polonia Carp Team

Team Member #1: Andrzej Burnagiel

CAG Forum Name: Andrzej Burnagiel

PB: 32.12 oz

Team Member #2: Marcin Targonski

CAG Forum  Name: 



Team Name: Team Rod Hutchinson

Team Member #1: Jason Aylott

CAG Forum Name: Jason Aylott

PB: 45

Team Member #2: Frank Kessler

CAG Forum  Name: Katy Carper

PB: 34


Team Name: The bass masters

Team Member #1: Xavier Gonzales

CAG Forum Name: Xavier Gonzales

PB: 30 lbs

Team Member #2: TBD

CAG Forum  Name: TBD



Team Name: Golden Toads

Team Member #1: Lee Fenner

CAG Forum Name: Lee Fenner

PB: 35

Team Member #2: Chris Fowler

CAG Forum  Name: Chris Fowler

PB: 39


Team Name: Two Men & A Dog

Team Member #1: Keith Thompson

CAG Forum Name: Keith

PB: 57lb 17oz

Team Member #2: Kris Tait

CAG Forum  Name: Kristopher Tait

PB: 31lb


Team Name: Team Curry

Team Member #1: Jack Curry

CAG Forum Name: Jack Curry

PB: 36-2

Team Member #2: Isaac Curry

CAG Forum  Name: Isaac Curry

PB: 27-0


Team Name: Legg Lake Karpers

Team Member #1: Richard Cervantes

CAG Forum Name: Richard Cervantes

PB: 33 lbs common

Team Member #2: Frank Diaz

CAG Forum  Name: Francisco Diaz

PB: 20 lbs common


Team Name: Team Johnson Ross

Team Member #1: Brid Caveney

CAG Forum Name: Brid Caveney

PB: 35lbs 8oz

Team Member #2: Ray Arquette

CAG Forum  Name: SweetRay

PB: 29lbs 7oz


Team Name: Miller Time

Team Member #1: Finley Miller

CAG Forum Name: TXMulti-Species

PB: 20lb 6oz

Team Member #2: Jerry Miller

CAG Forum  Name: Jerry Miller

PB: 18lb 5oz


Team Name: Carpizona

Team Member #1: Michael Miller

CAG Forum Name: GenGen

PB: 29 lb 11 oz

Team Member #2: Levi Flood

CAG Forum  Name: Levi Flood

PB: 28 lb 1 oz


Team Name: OG Carpers

Team Member #1: Brian Nordberg

CAG Forum Name: Carpaholic

PB: 39lb 8oz

Team Member #2: Zach VanFleet

CAG Forum  Name: Lonestarcarper

PB: 38 lb



Team Member #1: Cesar Espinoza

CAG Forum Name: Socalcarper760

PB: 35lbs

Team Member #2: Christian Torres

CAG Forum  Name: Socalcarper

PB: 34lbs


Team Name: Two Johns

Team Member #1: John Slayton

CAG Forum Name: John Slayton

PB: 38

Team Member #2: Johnathan Guerra

CAG Forum  Name: n/a

PB: 25


Team Name: Morr Hookers

Team Member #1: Randall Hooker

CAG Forum Name: RandallHooker

PB: 26lbs

Team Member #2: Josh Morris

CAG Forum  Name: Josh

PB: 32


Team Name: Bates Brothers

Team Member #1: Michael Bates

CAG Forum Name: HappyCamper

PB: 8 lbs 4 oz

Team Member #2: Steven Bates

CAG Forum  Name: Steven Bates

PB: 44lbs 0oz


Team Name: Wicked Carp Company

Team Member #1: Matthew Tomlinson

CAG Forum Name: Matthew Tomlinson

PB: 44 Buffalo

Team Member #2: Neville Bebbington

CAG Forum  Name: NA

PB: 42 Common


Team Name: K-1 Baits Indiana

Team Member #1: Tony Stout

CAG Forum Name: Masonic Carper

PB: 33.04

Team Member #2: TBA

CAG Forum  Name: TBA



Team Name: NTX Carpers

Team Member #1: Josef Raguro

CAG Forum Name: Josef Raguro

PB: 36.12

Team Member #2: TBD

CAG Forum  Name: TBD



Team Name: World Carp Masters

Team Member #1: Kurt Bond

CAG Forum Name: Kurt Bond

PB: Catfish Only 🙂

Team Member #2: TBD

CAG Forum  Name: TBD



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Congrats all!........I've missed the deadline cause I didn't have a partner............if someone does, please let me know...........I ketch carp:P

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should have clarified- if someone needs a partner, let me know!. I"ll pay my way!...........and i ketch carp:D

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