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New member..fairly surprised.

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Stumbled upon these forums while searching for something and am fairly surprised.  Always felt like the lone carp fisherman in most of Minnesota, so this is rather pleasant.

I mostly fish the Mississippi due to proximity to home.  I do tenkara fishing when I get time.  My 14 footer with a 6.6 hp engine is too weak for the river so I hardly use it. Scope of where I fish is limited to St.Croix, Minnesota river, Canon river(horrid luck there last year, including lake Byllesby, it's as if someone fished the bloody place out) and good ol' Mississippi.  I mostly fish for carp and cats where I can and I usually practice catch and release(nobody can say no to a couple of rainbows or crappies).    

Regardless, good to be here!  Hoping I can find some new spots (especially looking to find a place where I can catch buffalo!) and share some experiences of my own.



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Hi Tariq,

welcome to CAG .. there are quite a few of us  fish for carp here .. join the face book carp angler group page ..  me and few other fish coon - tonka and some lakes locally . I fished  Byllesby few years ago and only managed 1 carp in 2 long sessions . they keep removing carp each year from that lake .. 

we also have a MN Carp group on FB and do organize 1-2 fishinn each year so keep checking for updates starting spring. 



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Welcome to the group! The MN carp angling community is definitely growing and we are always looking to meet other anglers.  90% of my fishing is done on the Mississippi river as well. Back in the day I attended college in Northfield MN so I fished the Cannon River for quite a few years.

Are you in the twin cities?

Lake Billesby was commercially fished out a few years ago. I also think they put up some fish barriers over there.

There are also places where you can fish in winter since it has open water.  

Hope to hear more from you


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Thanks for the welcomes folks!

Ty for the facebook links, will join soon!  

Yes, I'm in the twin cities area, in the vicinity of Woodbury so Mississippi ends up being a prime target, especially since you never know what you'll get :).

Makes me sad to hear about Canon river, the park is beautiful and served as a lovely place to fish till a few years ago, I think last year there was a Koi virus as well that killed a lot of carp in Cannon/Lake Byllesby.  I think I'll try King's Power plant and some spots on Snake river this time around!  In the past I've fished in India/Germany/NY/Washington ( I certainly miss Niagara Falls, NY fishing due to salmon runs!).  Saw a couple of people fish for it at Elmo but never took my carp tackle there, maybe I should!

Anywho! Can't wait for spring :D! 

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