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(TX) djkleen02

2019 CAG CTX Throwdown - *New Format*

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Online Big 4 format! All year long, on any body of water in Central TX! Anyone!


This year we are changing things up a bit. We are still going to have social gatherings, but this year you will be able to put points on the board all year long! You can also fish on any water in central TX (From Waco to San Antonio)! Not restricted to CTX anglers either. Anyone can join in! 👍

We are doing a year long Big 4 competition with 4 point categories! 😲😲

1. Common
2. Buffalo
3. Mirror / Koi
4. Grasser

All you have to do is catch a fish in the central TX area (Waco to San Antonio), weigh it, take a picture of it with the competition logo displayed, release the fish, and post your catch pic IN THIS POST in the comments below, with the weight! That’s it!

I must ask that everyone that wants to compete do the following:

1. Make sure your scale is currently certified by IGFA (Ask for details)
2. Wet your weigh sling completely
3. Zero out your scale with wet weigh sling
4. Print out logo below (color doesn’t matter as long as you can see the logo clearly)
5. Play fair! This is based solely on the honor system. Cheaters will be exposed and banned. Had to say it. 😁

Medals, awards, and prizes to be announced! Competition starts Now! Game on, ladies and gentlemen! 🎣 Good luck!

*Disclaimer - This is my first shot at this type of friendly competition 😁 so have patience with me. There may be a slight learning curve at times 👍


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Nice 👍🏼 


might have to put wet sling not soaked and full of water as water weight can put a couple pounds! 😜

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Let the sling drain a bit, hang the sling and set the scale to tare weight if possible, the weigh the fish. The dial scales might not be able to do this but my electronic scale has this feature. I'm trying to figure out to set the tare weight to zero and program it to add three pounds.😈

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