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AC Redhorse

Moving out of state and parting with my gear :'(

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I haven't carp fished in a few years. I am busy studying to be a fisheries biologist in Oregon and have taken up freshwater snorkeling as a hobby to observe fish in their environment. Reeling in fish has been replaced by photographing them in the water. I would love my carp fishing gear to be owned by someone who will put it to good use.

I have:

3 St Croix Avid Carp rods, 12' 3.75lb TC

2 of them are lightly used, 1 is like new.

Full price new is $290 each, I would like $150 each.


2 Shimano Baitrunner D reels

They have been used a handful of times.

Full price new is $150-180 each, I would like $100 each.


1 Fox Holdall

I can't remember the model. It holds 3 rods with reels and 3 additional rods. It is used and in great condition.

$50 or free with purchase of 2 rods.


My location is Yorkville, IL. Please reach out if you are interested. My gear needs a new home!




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Interested Andrew, PM sent.

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