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2019 CCC Donor board.

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Here is a list of the 2019 CCC donors so far. If anyone would like to be a donor please let me know. It could either be a company or a fishing club and any donations would be appreciative for the raffle table. So. if you want to get your name out as a donor to help out the Carp Anglers Group 2019 CCC here is the place to do so. I have more donors to not only hear back from but, to contact as well. This is just the start of the donor list. Lets gill those tables with prizes.

Wacker Baits
Trilogy Baits Co.
Linear Bait Co.
Bottom Feeder Baits
Carp Bait U.S.A.
One On Baits
Wicked Carp Baits
Rod Hutchinson U.S.A.
Carp Anglers Group
Team Fish Fighters from Indiana
Mid-State Carpers from Illinois

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a gyotaku painting will be donated by Chicago artist  Jeff Conroy. This will be for the winner of the 2019 CCC. The site to check out these amazing paintings are at jeffconroy.com.


thabks Jeff for your support.

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