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Welcome to Rhode Island carp fishing!

We may be the smallest state around but we are loaded with good carp fishing. In fact, we could be called the mirror capital of the US since we have some of the best mirror carp fishing found anywhere. In many of our ponds, rivers and lakes, mirrors far outnumber commons. We also have several quality lakes where 20 lb. commons are plentiful.

My name is Dave Pickering and I have been the RI CAG state chairman for many years. I am a retired school teacher. Fishing is my passion. I love any kind of fishing and am out just about every day, 365 days a year. Besides fishing for carp in freshwater, I also like to fish for bass, catfish, pickerel and perch. In saltwater, I fish for striped bass many nights of the week all year round. I am also in the media business and write for many outdoor magazines and have written parts of several books. I also sell a lot of outdoor photography, conduct fishing shows and maintain fishing blogs.

Our RI CAG group is very friendly and knowledgeable and we all get along great together. Our members frequently fish with one another and we maintain contact though a constant stream of e-mail and phone calls. We often take out beginners to "show them the ropes". We have at least two fish-ins a year that are open to the public and we often hold unadvertised get-togethers for our CAG members. We have also held beginner clinics in the past. We welcome non-members to carp fish with us. Any questions, you can reach me at imhooked2000@cox.net


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