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Local Fish-Ins

Fish-Ins are fun social fishing events that any member can host and can take any format. Be sure to check your local section for events too!

About CAG Fish-Ins

A fish in is just a casual meeting of carp anglers on the bank. Some
are elaborate- including weeks of pre baiting, bbq smokers and friendly wagers
for the biggest fish; others are just impromptu get-togethers set up so carp
anglers and new can meet to have a little fun together while fishing. Some
fish ins last for an afternoon, and some are whole weekend camp-outs. The two
things they all have in common is fun with friends and carp fishing. Most fish-ins are set up by local state chairmen of CAG, but any member can host one if
they like. Hosting a fish in can be loads of fun. You get to share your
local water with other CAG members; many of our members love to travel even
hundreds of miles to fish a new place and meet new friends.

Be sure to read this article on how to fish a fish in, or this article on how to host a fish in should you want to give it a shot.

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