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"All Time" - CAG Record Member Submissions

OFFICIAL Rules of "All time" CAG records.

Angler must be a CAG member when the fish is captured.
Original list stay as is.

Rules applicable to all Big Fish records:
* One witness to weight required, and a good, side view photo required with angler holding the fish.
* Fish must be taken in North American waters
* Only carp (cyprinus carpio) can be entered (common, mirror, leather, or koi)
* The carp must be handled with respect, and released in good health
* Fish must be caught in the mouth area (1 inch); snagging will not count
* CAG staff reserves the right to make final rulings on any outcome

In the case of no witness or serious doubt with regard to any claimed weight the record may be submitted for review by the membership via a poll. Additional photos would be recomended:
Photo of catch next to item of size reference. Preferably a scale or tape measure.
2 photo's with angler and fish. One side view and one front.


BEFORE Submitting your fish, make sure your fish's weight exceed the current list(if a record exist)


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