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  1. I did but it says there was an error.
  2. Thank You Lee. I appreciate the support over the last couple of years.
  3. "Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-p", the sound of a screamer!!! A new pb? This was the result of a 16 day baiting campaign with results well worth the time, money, and efort. It all started in late June I was looking for a spot on the Connecticut river the would produce massive carp that was close to where I lived. I settled on a spot that was convenient to get to, but seemed to be overfished, so I took a unique approach to this swim and fished the margins which was rarely done for carp. I fished this area for 2 weeks consistently with m I was presenting pac bait to get a feel of the fish and THE SNAGS which would land devastating blows. After figuring out the area with the smallest fish I had landed was 5lbs and the biggest 21lbs, but the average seemed to be around 11 to 16 lbs. I then decided to commit bait to the area on 7/2/19 from this point on I did not fish until 7/11/19; I chummed a 1/4 of a bucket of corn everyday at the same time. On 7/11 I had my first proper session over the bait using hook baits that were like the chum I was presenting FLAVORED CORN. In this session I lost 5 fish out of 6 takes it was devastating. It seemed to be something with my rig mechanics. I then upgraded my rig of choice to using curv shank hooks instead of my wide gape hooks. (The fish landed in this session was 19lbs ad a common). The next day I stupidly tried the same rigs that had never done me wrong hopping the losses from yesterday were flukes. They absolutely were not!! I lost three more fish. I then changed my rigs to the ones with the new hooks and started to keep the fish on. The first fish landed that day was just under 13 lbs and a common. The next fish was just over 20lbs and then I lost a hog of a carp in a snag. This did not squash my moral. I gave the fish a few day and kept pre baiting with out fishing. Further, I then fished on 7/16 I put out a bucket of corn and got fishing. I got several liners at first than things slowed down...not for long. "Bep-Beeeeeeeep", sounded one of my alarms I rushed over and and grabbed m y rod I could tell it was a smaller fish it was making several jumps and was not staying deep like a big fish. As I'm playing the fish my other rod goes off with a, "BBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP". I knew this fish was bigger but I needed to land the fish I was playing I got the small fantail in the net and had a sight seeker hold the net in the water while I battled my new PB. I saw the beast of a common emerge I wasn't sure if it would smash my PB, but I new it was the biggest fish I had landed in the swim. I managed to land both fish in the same net. I put the net down on the mat and uncovered the fish to a crowd of pedestrians that had been watching I put the smaller fish in my retaining sling and took care of the big fish. I poured a bucket of cool water over it and repositioned it in the net. I wrapped 4 the net back up and put it on my scale with the fish in the net. The scale diale sluggishly moved to 24lbs 4 ozs subtracting what the net weighied that made the fish 23lbs 12 ozs which was a new PB by a 1/4 of a pound. After a quick photo I released the fish into the depths. Now it was time for me to deal with the smaller fantail. I weighed it and it came to 9lbs 13 ozs. I then released it. I recast the rods and waited I was happy with the new PB, but I thought that I could do better with a more substantial PB. I waited almost an hour and I finally got a slow and steady take on one of my rods I quickly ran over and started playing this fish it wasn't the most energetic fish that would make long runs, but I could feel the power of it as it held bottom and went where ever it wanted, after a 20 minute battle I had wrestled the fish off the bottom and it surfaced. I new this was the one. I guided my NGT net o and the fish rolled right in. I yelled YEE YEE. I know this was my new PB. I put the fish on the mat and I could tell it was enormous.I put the fish back in the net after admiring it to get weight on it the scale came in at about 26 lbs 8 ozs making the fish 26lbs even since the net weighs about 8 ozs. I put the fish in my retaining sling and waited for someone to come and take a pic. It didn't take long... I put this fish back into the retaining sling and carried it to a muddy bank were a waded into the water up to my waist and watched the fish swim away back into the gloomy waters of the CT River where there are fish double that size; my next goal is to beat this PB with a higher 20 or low 30 and to do that I will keep prebaiting. I will keep you posted Fda
  4. Fda

    Spring Big 4 2019

    Thank you. Will the Cag logo be out on the starting day?
  5. Before I became a carp angler I caught my first carp on accident and decided I would take it home and eat it. It was a terrible idea, I'm sure people do like them, but to me, the meat was too soft and it also tasted like mud. I like mine on the end of my line from now on lol
  6. Hi, I was wondering how I get on the leader board for the spring big 4. I already paid the entrance fee.? Also, where would I get the big 4 logo? Thank you.
  7. Any info about how to fish this River would be much appreciated. Thanks
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