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  1. Hi Chris, you can contact me at jkbdrs at hotmail.com if you want to go fishing!
  2. Thanks guys. Sounds good Jerome, drop me a line when you want to go🙂
  3. Hi, I fished like a fiend back in the UK as a young man (roach, tench, carp) (born and bred in Yorkshire), but have been out of the game for the last 30 years. I now live in Waltham and have got back into carp fishing a few weeks ago. I am having a blast! Mainly River Charles and nearby ponds. I've had a great start, with lots of teens, several 20+ lb fish and the biggest being 38 lb. Much bigger than I ever caught in the UK! I am (early) retired and so I get to go fishing a lot I'm always up for going fishing and learning new spots/techniques with other carp fanatics if anyone fancies
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