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  1. So, I really would like to know if is possible what was the reason You decided to be not CAG member anymore after so many years being here (if of course it is not personal/financial issue)???

    Best Regards


    Not personal - I've met some terrific people through CAG.

    Not financial - I have a decent job, so the $25.00 is not a big deal.

    I initially quit (let my membership expire sounds better) CAG the first time because I no longer saw the benefit of membership.

    I was never a big fan of the NACA - (I actually preferred the original publication's style/format better.)

    While I enjoy carp fishing, it is not my dream to see it blossom, the way that CAG wants it too. I have always stated that I liked carp fishing in NA the way it was - a small (very small) niche "market". I don't want to see carp fishing participation explode. I rarely, if ever, directed people toward the website when approached bankside.

    I participated in several CAG fish ins over the years - in my home state of PA and also traveling to Michigan, New York State, Ohio and D.C. - no membership required for these!

    The tackle discounts that used to (are they still???) be offered by several tackle dealers were a definite membership benefit. However, I don't recall ever taking advantage of that on any of the multiple tackle/bait orders that I placed with those dealers. My fault for sure, but I didn't really mind spending what I did. So no big deal being a non member.

    I rejoined (3yr deal) at the urging of an old CAG friend (Herkel) who was going to try to run some local tournaments that required CAG membership in order to participate. Sadly, these tournaments never happened. I then paid for an additional one year membership. It has recently, and without notice, expired.

    For what I get out of this Forum and CAG in general, I see no need to renew my membership.

    FYI - I have purchased CAG gear (several hats & shirts) over the years. Would have liked to purchase another shirt, but I do not like the new design. (no offense to the designer, it's just not my cup of tea for a t shirt design)

    I will continue to read/add to the forum as I see fit. Will also participate in future fish ins as they meet my schedule availability. Will even assist the local CAG rep(s) in planning, running events if asked to do so.

    I hope this satisfies your inquiry.

    Thank you.

    EDIT: added "Thank you." in an effort to keep the conversation civil.

  2. That is right I am the same way I pay for my membership to support the club so it can grow bigger and bigger

    KingKool what have you spend your last 20 thousand on?

    A. This is not the proper forum for a discussion of my personal finances.

    2. I've spent more years as a CAG member than a great majority of the folks (including you!) on this forum, so please do not ever challenge my "CAGness".

    C. I asked a simple question regarding the addition of funds to the CAG bankroll, and instead of an explanation, I get "attacked" by some of the club members. (perhaps this is ONE of the reasons that CAG membership has dwindled?!?!?!?)

    D. Thank you Neil Stern, for stepping up to the plate and providing some information on my question.

    E. see signature below re: my CAG tenure(s)

    Good day.

    EDIT: corrected spelling on the word "personal"

    EDIT #2: all kind of spelling errors.....

  3. The Connoquenessing holds carp................

    Supposedly Wolf Creek has some biggun's (high teens I would imagine by the stories I've been told.) Never fished it, mostly because I didn't know where to access it.

    Slippery Rock has them for sure, but I've never caught anything too big.

    If you can get into the Moraine Camplands (off of Rt 528) there are a couple mid/high teeners in their lake.

    Always wanted to try the lakes on Slippery Rock's campus. They are small and probably weed choked to he!! and back but sometimes those places manage to hold one monster in them!

    Not sure if you can fish there or not - never saw any signs saying that you couldn't.............went to school there for three years - you think I would have given it a shot when I had the chance. Never did.

    Bear Rum Campground lake has none (or, at least I wasn't able to catch any there)

    Glade Run = drained.

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