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    PB Common: 25 lbs 6 oz.<br />PB Mirror: 20 lbs. 11 oz.<br />PB Fully-scaled mirror: 11 lbs. <br />(Photo NACA Jan/Feb, 1998, p. 15)

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  1. 3/17/19 I've used ONLY in-line (non-offset barb) circle hooks for carp for the last 10 years! I use them in size 1/0: (1) Eagle Claw Octopus in-line circle Model L7228 Lazer Sharp ("Tournament Approved")or (2) Gamakatsu Octopus in-line Circle Model 221311 - red. I went to these because about 10 years or so ago there was talk about the NYS DEC requiring use of in-line circle hooks for all species to protect the striped bass in the Hudson River (NY) where I fish. I panicked - did some research (Cabelas) - and found the Eagle Claws - advertised as "Wide Gap" - bought them -- and never looked back. Added the Gamakatsus a few years later. Both of these hooks are super-sharp - real razor blades. If a channel catfish or carp just nudges the bait it's hooked -- just take your time, pick up the rod and start reeling - absolutely unnecessary to "set" the hook. I realize what I've just said and do may sound way-out to some - and maybe in heavily fished waters like UK there may be a problem. In the Hudson, though, I just load the hook with a few corn kernels -- No Hair Rigs - a small piece of fresh bread squeezed flat. I use an old-style fish-finder rig - snell the hooks on a 9 inch piece of mono topped off with a barrel swivel - and run the mainline (mono) through a 3 or 4 oz flat ("No Roll") sinker. I'm sure an egg sinker will work as well. 1/0 too big? -- that was my first concern - but I've caught 1 lb goldfish on this size! My review ("Carpshark") of the Eagle Claws is posted on Cabelas -- also posted there is a review of a striper fisherman ("Krizo")who praises them -- Krizo uses larger size while drifting live herring baits for Hudson stripers.
  2. 4/9/09 Eels, channel catfish, white catfish, striped bass, golden shiners, bullheads on bread/corn kernel combo - smallmouth bass hitting on retrieve - all these in Hudson River. Brown trout and yellow perch in NYC reservoir system - Westchester County. Snapping turtles - phooey! - in a variety of locations. Combobait
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