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  1. Sorry, this is the exact week where I'll be traveling West... Have fun, guys.
  2. Yup, I am having the same issue (Chrome, MacOS; but obviously the issue is on the server side). This being said, I can give you the results, I am in the lead for the big fish, Big4 and Big6!
  3. Another thing is that carp fishing is often very slow... And one gets quickly cramped on a boat when sitting doing nothing, and no space to walk around and stretch... That is, unless you have a pontoon boat or something very spacious, of course.
  4. By the way, just to clarify, even though the Big4 event registration is closed by now, you guys can still sign up with the leaderboard (and report fish). That is, until the end of the event (Nov 15th), of course. Better get started though!
  5. I asked Willem to take a look, he's the master of those things...
  6. SSSSOOOOO??? I suspect a few participants are being cagey with some biggies they landed... Come on, spill the beans!
  7. Remember, today is the last day to register for the Big4... And those biggies do hit well into November, if you can find them. >>>>>REGISTER HERE FOR THE BIG4 - FALL 2017<<<<<
  8. shadowline, why don't you take a good picture of your rig, and post it here. Then we can discuss more constructively. There is no discussion that a properly tied hair rig will give you more (and better) hookups than putting corn on the hook. But there are a few subtle points that could make your rig ineffective. Hard to say without seeing it. Let's see what you do!
  9. This is what I typically do, but I often get a hard time with the bigger fish, 10 seconds is rather short... There is a 12 seconds delay function on the iPhone, by the way. Why in hell are so few camera manufacturers allowing to customize the delay, I will never understand... This often makes for funny pics of me struggling with the fish though...
  10. Since stupid Siri can't activate the shutter (Apple, you have to be kidding me!), I downloaded a free app called "Voice Enabled Camera", which works great on the iPhone.
  11. Well, the full moon jinxed the day today, or at least this is my excuse. Didn't catch anything sizable, darn it. I did catch this huge beast, but forgot to take a legit pic with the logo and all, so I have to disqualify it...
  12. To provide additional motivation for those of you who don't have a big fish water near you, we'll also provide a nice certificate for the top-10 finishers (using the Big-4 results). You'll be able to print & frame the certificate to prove to your better half (and guests, etc) that you made it in the pinnacle of carp fishermen...
  13. Oh yeah, this is all very beatable in numerous venues in the US. Even if I added a few more pounds today! And agreed about the photographer... I was having troubles with my regular camera, and was very grateful for those kids to come to take a quick pic with my smartphone... I still wish I had taken more time to tell them how to take a better pic (and to pose better myself!), oh well, this is my mistake.
  14. Please note that I tweaked a bit the list of prizes: - added a special prize for Big-6 (rules were modified accordingly) - restricted awards to top 5 winners for Big-4, to make prizes more meaningful
  15. A small yet important tweak to the rules ... Since the leaderboard computes the Big-6 in addition to the Big-4, well, we'll have a special prize for the winner of the Big-6 total. So guys, do log more than 4 fish in there and keep fishing!!
  16. I added a few more pounds to the Big-4 today, with two 30+, this brings me to 130lb, not too shabby... Two more days of fishing to try to round up the numbers, and I'll leave space for the other folks to catch up if they can... LOL Here is a pic to give you an idea of how thick the fish I logged are... Very well fed to say the least, and all natural food (shore is littered with small clams, mussels, crayfish, etc)... PS. not the CT river, another big river... One pretty much untapped by CAG members, as far as I know...
  17. And a while later, a fish drove me left and right for quite a while, it turned out to be a very long and very muscular 38 pounder... Now I didn't catch a fish like that in a while... Unfortunately, the kid who took the pictures wasn't the best photographer, oh well... Those fish are incredibly thick, side pics do not do them justice at all! I'll try again tomorrow.
  18. Ok, after my mishap yesterday, I started to catch up today... Here is a great brace, 27lb and 26-8lb (see official pics on the leaderboard)...
  19. I actually started with a bang today, with a 32-4lb biggie, and a 34lb super biggie landed later in the day. Only problem, I didn't have a printed copy of the Big4 logo, so... I claim bragging rights, but will not log those fish on the leaderboard. That is, unless I catch them again tomorrow!
  20. Feel free to brag on this thread with the big ones you landed during the Big4 Fall 2017 event...
  21. Don't know the answer to your question, but if I were you, I would keep my camera in high-resolution... If you catch a monster or two, you'll be happy to have the pics in high-res for publication in the NACA, for your own archives, etc.
  22. Really? Mind elaborating? And maybe post a pic or two?
  23. Well, obviously, this was one of my two fish... I was just being nice with you, as I always do...
  24. Yes, it does. Thanks, Willem. Folks, please click here to find the instructions.
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