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  1. BTW, Pat, what about the one you caught last year by the Roosevelt Island. Any recaptures?
  2. Even if not the same fish, they must be very close relatives LOL And Alex's mirror, I haven't seen even a fish from the same strain around. Absolutely stunning.
  3. You buy yourself a separate fridge dedicated only to carping.
  4. Sorry for the delayed post but I just got the photo of Pat and BigBird out of my camera. It was very nice to see you all guys (Phil GB w/ two other mates, Mark, Pat, BigBird, Hoppy, Hairrigger and all other guys whose names I cant recall rite now.) Y'all take care. Erol
  5. I've been followng this thread for a while and this is gonna be my only post, it's all because of you Jake (or whoever you are), it's all your fault! Go, grow up and then come back.
  6. Thanks Rob, Here's a most recent one. I just ddn't want to post a pic of a dead fish in the beginning. It says the fish was netted. But I wonder what it may bite on
  7. Hey guys, Anyone knows what species is this ? I've seen a photo of one which was 85kg (around 190lbs) caught from a river in Turkey. Thanks, Erol
  8. Alex, some stunning fish there, congrats
  9. A nice write-up Jonathan, at least you made it out and had fun WTG
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