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  1. https://www.anglingtimes.co.uk/news-2020/monster-barbel-is-a-favourite-dish?fbclid=IwAR3Yp7D3WR4FxYuv8smul61bX9rEHtmW6CHYHGzpPUZNo5I22TL5wR4CAm8
  2. Hello Steve mate. Still kick myself (not very hard) for not getting to that Longleat session with you. Hope you're enjoying the good ol US of A.
  3. Just caught this one a couple of weeks ago.
  4. I meant vitreum (zander) not virtual
  5. Thanks, no I didn't. They have a good selection.
  6. They're both related stitzostedion species. Very similar but sander are more silver greyish and walleye are anywhere from a golden brown to green. Walleye as an average are quite a bit smaller than virtual. We also have a fish called a sauger. They're smaller than walleye but look almost identical. No it isn't. I still get mad about it today lol
  7. Where r u guys buying pop ups these days? I need pineapple high buoyant air ball type pop ups. I tried canadian carp club but they're all out.
  8. No it isn't. I still get mad about it today lol
  9. boil corn put into pail right after the cooking is done so that it is still scorching hot *very carefully* then put lids on. don't open till you're ready to use it. should stay good. use clean pails too, maybe sterilize with hot water first to ensure no bacteria and left over substance
  10. http://www.abc2news.com/news/local/story/F...DFBexjM8iA.cspx
  11. This guy likes to fish for ALL the species in the imediate area Now how can I convince the DNR to allow me 9 rods all at once?????
  12. crawler dipped in fishy glug would be my choice. Chop some crawlers up and bait it mixed with bread.
  13. Nice one, I love pike hunting.
  14. Cool, well done. Did you need a 300yrd cast to get to it?
  15. If I'm fishing the far bank I like to keep as much line out of the water as possible to avoid the main current and all the passing debris within it. If it's really windy I will use a back lead and submerse my tip. I prefer not to do this as it is less sensitive and the line still goes over the main channel in the middle (think of a flat ledge on the near bank then a dip in the middle where the main channel is and then back up to a shallow ledge on the far bank) creating a kind of tight rope effect over the centre dip, which is not good but better than heavy wind. In the lake I just fish a running rig to a tight line with the rod tip in the water pointing directly at the rig. Although sometimes I have high tips if there are rocks that I am trying to avoid etc...
  16. If I fish a river I have my rod erect to the sky but in a lake I like to submerse my tip in.
  17. I too don't know the strength of a snell/knotless knot. They are both pretty much the same thing really. I doo know that I have NEVER lost a fish to the knotless knot. I too use the palomar knot for swivels and it too is an awesome knot.
  18. Great stories guys. They're all good dogs, I can tell just by lookin'
  19. Why not drill 4 holes as one, this will make one big hole. Any hole that's been drilled enough will get bigger.
  20. I have 4 Q's 1. On what basis did you choose your swim, was it a late fall spot? 2. What was the lake bed like, mud,sand, gravel...? 3. Where do you get Tiger nuts from? 4. What were you chumming with and what quantities?
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