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  1. Welcome Dave. Will you be coming to the CCC to read the previous minutes at the annual meeting? Fish-on Bill
  2. Preliminary itinerary on CCC 2015 thread.... Fish-On Bill
  3. Thaks Andy for many great years of service to CAG. Fish-On Bill
  4. So Steve all of the state chairs that got one of the expensive sweatshirts and did not put on a fishin have to pay for it? I know there is 2 here in Illinois that did not fullfill there commitment. I did not receive a sweatshirt and i put on 2 fishins. I am sure there were other state chairs that did not put on 1 fishin on as required. Lets get this problem resolved. Fish-On Bill
  5. Derby is this weekend.........................................Fish-On Bill
  6. What Friday is it ending on? Fish-On Bill
  7. First of all it is not spring yet. Give me a link to that post. Did they specify the club was broke. This club would not be in financial trouble if it was not for the glossy magazine that the Pres., Vice Pres. and Board of Directors want to hold onto. You have to get rid of costly expenses if you want this club to stay in the black and use the extra money to make this club grow. A glossy magazine does not make a club.
  8. I was wondering. Was the CAG membership ever informed why the club started the fundraiser section? If not they need to be informed. Fish-On Bill
  9. The Illinois Net Boys are honorary Hoosier carpers. Fish-On Bill
  10. Just wanted to say good luck to all of the CAG members. There is only one thing though----THE ILLINOIS NET BOYS---- are bringing it. Hope this doesn't scare anyone off. LOL Fish-On Bill
  11. The Illinoisnetboys will be there. Fish-On Bill
  12. Hey Larry I see there is approx. 18 teams planning on fishing. If all teams enter could you please give the payouts as based on an 18 team field? In your early posting you had amounts with 1 team entered. (Cash Prize pool was at $1,500 for this event with no-one entered. As each team enters the prize amount will go up. and there are prize sponsorships already coming in. Payout as of 6/19/10 With 1 (one team entered)*** 1st place $660 2nd place $330 3rd Place $245 4th place $165 5th place $85 Big Fish $165 *** Sponsored winner of the Wisconsin Carp Championship/Jeramie Maseman Big Mirror Award***) Fish-On Bill
  13. Hey Larry; what is required for a team to be officially entered? Do we need to pay all of the entry fee or pay a certain amount as a deposit? What ever is required can it be done online? It is only a month away. Fish-On Bill
  14. Where is the official sign-up form? I also heard of a possible IL meeting on July 24th. Here is an idea if there is going to be a meeting how about Dixon as the location and anglers could try out the water there. Fish-On Bill
  15. I was wondering exactly what is going on Friday August 27th as there is nothing stated on the description of the event. The event does not start until Saturday morning, but yet it is advertised as the 27th, 28th, and 29th. Is there a welcoming party or something else planned on Friday. Lookout for the Illinois Net Boys. Fish-On Bill
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