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  1. Thanks guys. Looking forward to getting back on the bank.
  2. Hey Jerome! That's a great story. I've fished willow bay dozens of times and it always produced.
  3. Hey guys. Its almost been 7 years since I last visited the site. I'm not sure if anyone remembers me, but I use to fish with Frank from Red Demon Baits. Family took over and carp fishing got put on the back burner. Well......I'm starting to get the itch again and just ordered up new line for my rods, since I'm sure the 10 year old line is shot. Just wanted to come back up on here and re-introduce myself. If anyone is in the Syracuse, NY area, let me know and we can get together this year on the bank. Thanks Adam
  4. Don't know his name, just his handle. It is on a jeep forum Never thought about it that way Phone. you always make sense. thanks
  5. I bought my 12ft rods just to look cool and to fit in with the more experienced anglers. It turns out they are great. I was catching carp on a 8ft heavy rod and didn't have any issues. But the fight on a 12' 3TC is amazing. They give a little and then you can take it all back.
  6. Junk fish=Garbage Fish=Undesired Species This guy works for the Michigan DNR and is working on a project to lower the populations of carp. I'm starting to think that he is talking about the Asian Carp not the Common Carp. He is pretty set in his ways, and I respect his opinion. It just chaps my ham that he is so closed minded about it. Phone, He most likely will never change his mind, but I do want to educate him on why we (carpers) find carp so desirable. I'm sure carp have some sort of negative impact in the water, I just know it's not the kind of detrimental impact he is refering too. He has posted some scientific facts, and I would just like to answer his with my own. Thanks Adam
  7. This is true, Mark. He was just laying out some facts and i wanted to throw a couple back at him. On a side note, I was getting out all my fishing gear out of storage and thought about you when I grabbed my JRC Holdall I bought from you a couple years back. it's still going strong!
  8. I'm in a pretty hot dispute on another forum. He says that carp are junk fish, destroy habitat and are oxygen hogs. I remember reading that they arent "that" much of a nusence. Please hook me up with some facts so I can show this dude up. Thanks Adam
  9. Rick, It was great to finally meet you. The pics are awesome. I wish you had one of me holding a fish...it would put it on a coffee mug. We should get together and share the bank sometime. Adam
  10. Tom, That would be me yelling about your alarms going off. Can you really blame me for being so disgruntled . We got desperate on friday and threw a ton of bait in the water hoping that would turn our fortune....unfortunetaly it didn't work as did nothing else. We threw in everyhting but the kitchen sink. We have fished that water dozens of times with nothing but success. The carp gods just weren't with us. I have a new respect for paylakers. Congrats on finishing 3rd. Maybe someday we can share the bank and you can show me what you were using
  11. 2 weeks and 8 minutes from now we will be making our first casts into the Seneca. Can't wait!!!
  12. Dave, Love the way it is set up. I like the option of putting a bio in there. We already took advantage of it. You'll have to get ahold of me when you get in to town so I can buy you a beer or 2. Adam
  13. It will be a great time. I look forward to meeting all you guys..
  14. Just got a look at it. No big hitters from across the pond.
  15. We have it hear on Onondaga Lake, but it isn't run like a CAGI. It is run the same weekend as the free fishing weekend in NY(nofishing license required). I'm not a big fan of it because you get alot of drunk idiots fishing. I won't even mention the people we had to deal with last year. It is very well put together by Al Daher and Steve Ware but I would like to see it more focused towards CAG memebers and the people they invite. JMHO
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