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  1. Resistance tackle sucks....just kidding lol . I've been using their swivels and leads for years. And their willow rods when they first came out were the bomb for the money...probably still is.
  2. I haven't even read the story yet lol (but I will later). But first just wanted to say that this is a great looking fish!
  3. Lol that's funny and great footage. Wow that's really odd how the duck got hooked. I've seen ducks diving in before but never thought that could actually happen lol. And great looking buffalo!
  4. Geez that's crazy lol. Can't imagine how that felt....couldn't be good though lol.
  5. Good thing you guys left. Gotta be careful out there, especially very late at night...some real lunatics out there.
  6. Geez, those stories are crazy lol. I think I need to fish with Brookesy so I can get a funny story because nothing funny ever happens when I go fishing lol.
  7. Todd, I enjoyed your story and it was very well written. And you're right, it does read funny but I can imagine that it wasn't funny when it was happening. And man that guy Jim is really bad luck. Hope you don't meet him and his dog again lol.
  8. Willem fixed it. I can now see the ugly faces of all 3 of you lol....just kidding
  9. Thanks Dan. Not a big deal and although I have seen pics of them before I was just curious to see the pics you posted haha.
  10. Anyone else not able to see the images posted for Andy, Jerome, and Willem? For some reason I can't see any of the attached jpg's. Willem and Dan are looking into this I believe but I was just curious if anyone else was having this problem or if it was just me. Congrats to Andy, Jerome, and Willem by the way. Very deserving!
  11. I was posting on top of Idaho Carper so I missed his response. I think he's right but I hope they still give you membership until Dec 2014.
  12. That is a good question. I hope you get it until Dec 31st of 2014.
  13. As a paying member, I hope it's ok that I voice my opinion . Even without knowing the details I know that there was good reason for the board to decide to make the fly fishing forum private but like Ian said, the result has not turned out well so the decision should be re-evaluated and reconsidered. I hope it becomes available to the public again and brings fly fishermen back on here.
  14. Cool! Didn't know that....definitely something to think about.
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