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  1. Cool. And I know that weight is 100% accurate because that scale was certified. Hope your success continues!
  2. Big congrats on the 40! Awesome fish!
  3. I'm gonna be at hp this Saturday June 7th, to meet a couple local guys to sell my gear. If anyone wants to take a look and check out some cool rods and other tackle items this Saturday, PM me. Here's what I'm selling but I'll probably bring more stuff. http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/topic/53503-shimano-reels-free-spirit-his-200-and-other-items-for-sale/page-4#entry694164 Thanks, Mike
  4. That koi is absolutely beautiful! Lol And congrats on the pbs to everyone!
  5. That is absolutely fantastic Daniel! Big congrats!
  6. Great catches Austin and Brendan! I've never caught a fantail before. Very cool!
  7. Amazing! Big congrats
  8. Excellent! BTW, I have more solar baits for sale here: http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/topic/53503-shimano-reels-free-spirit-his-200-and-other-items-for-sale/page-3 4 tubs of top banana
  9. Docks and marinas always hold fish but not always fishable unless you can tolerate the crowd. In flowing water, current breaks and eddies is what to look for. Man made structures like bridge abutments is always good because the carp won't be far off. As a general rule, I like spots with shallow water and deep water readily near by...and humps and bumps are generally better than completely flat areas.
  10. With cheap alarms, it's kinda hit or miss...but mostly miss. I mean cheap alarms should work from the start but the question is how long they'll last. I've bought my share of $10-15 alarms and 80% of them didn't last a season. But two $20 alarms I've had for 7 years now and they are still going strong. As a starter, they should be good but don't expect too much life from them...if you get lucky like me, maybe they'll last a decade or more.
  11. Awesome day and I think you're living the dream . Hope I can do what you do when I retire in 30 years.
  12. Man Ivelin, when I saw the title I thought you had caught a 50 or something because of all the monsters you've been catching lol. But if you keep fishing, I know a 50 is within your reach . And your writing was very good...reading it made me wish I could also experience that fight. Big congrats on all your success, including this pb!
  13. Yes you're right Austin, Brendan's 20 lb mirror is an absolute stunner! And rest of the fish don't look ugly either lol...beautiful carp all around!
  14. I lived in Richmond for about 6 years but I regret that I didn't carp fish at the time. Now I live about 3 hrs away so I still haven't been able to fish those waters. But the James river (which also has some of the best blue catfishing in the country), Lake Anna, and just about any lake, river, pond, or reservoir in Richmond will hold carp. Good luck!
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