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  1. Frank is a great guy! You'll be happy with the baits no doubt about it! good luck I like the v2 myself and banana
  2. Cool stuff. Congrats.
  3. Sure takes a lowlife to steal.Hope everything turns up! Justin
  4. Cant wait to get some stands when ya get em on the site! Good luck!
  5. Used it before I agree with Shawn its awesome!
  6. Thanks! Looking forward to buying some things
  7. I agree "the rough crowd" will rip these up and litter even more I mean they put a live fish in a pota potty to die some of these people around here shouldnt be fishing you'd be surprised what some of them do *Sigh*
  8. I agree good service! Maybe Paul could send a couple buisness cards with his website name and suff when you get a package.I've had several people ask me where to get the flavored corn and pva bags
  9. Justin


    I'd also like to kno about the online store.............
  10. Cool I think I'll order some in a couple weeks and try it for a pickup in packbait! Thanks
  11. Are they gonna be available soon? Cant wait to check em out.
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