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    Above all else, helping others catch more Carp. Sorting out all the for profit bull crap over baits, and continuing to be a HIT SQUAD survivor.

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  1. The farther north the better off ya'll Yanks will be..... B-vill is without a doubt the best place possible for any event.
  2. I wash mine with dish detergent, let dry and put a coat of car wax on them.
  3. Depends on the way you prepair your puffs but as a rule the puff will stay on untill a carp takes it off. I usually don't have to wait more than 15 mins but I have fished the margins and catch after six or seven hours. Tom.
  4. depends on the head of carp in the swim.
  5. The bionic blades are 7'6" heavy action 3/8 to 2oz 12-30lb test. The extremes are 7'6" heavy action 3/8-2oz 12-30lb test line. both are bass pro rods.
  6. Like Bob, my rods are old but still in very good condition. The Bass Pro extremes are a flippin stick. very light 7'6" but the backbone of a large rod. I've used mine for more years than I care to say. I used them to take first second and third at B-ville. Tom.
  7. I honestly believe thats CAG's strength was the ability to attract and retain some very smart,active, and dedicated to the sport as they know it, anglers. When two or more sides of a topic begin to debate, it might not be very pretty but the outcome is priceless. Sorry to say that a lot of members started to blame the banter on everything from membership to outing partisapation. Well, I would never say that those in charge wern't doing what they thought was the very best for CAG, I believe they did what they truley believed to be best for the club, so, CAG is now a product of what most members thought they wanted at the time. I would only add that most anglers are the bigest crybabys you would ever meet. Nothing is a product of their misstakes but a problem that someone else caused. It's called human nature I guess and not limited to carp angling. Sort of like how bait or location make an angler win or loose an event. So on and so on. Being able to admitt that the carp wanted something that an angler didn't know of or a rig that would help the presentation that the angler didn't know how to use, ( a drop lead ) for instance , and admitting that the angler himself is directly responsible for the catch, is a very good start. Sorry for the banter but everyone being of like mind does not cause a dialog, its called a monolog. CAG is a direct product of what we have made it period. Not to blame anyone but everyone, including myself. Regards Tom. GUS.
  8. I use the bionic blades along with the Extreme rods. Tom.
  9. 2/0 wide bend. It goes all the way through, comes out and reenters the jaw on the outside. No problem with hook pulls.
  10. It's always good to see you on the bank Pawel. See ya in October. Hope we get pegged beside one another. Regards Tom.
  11. should this link not be included for use with the Email for renewal??
  12. First I recieved a renewal notice. With this notice it tells me to go to the client area for payment. When I go there it says I'm not authorized to be there or something like that.
  13. when I go to the page in the Email it says I'm not loged in but I am...
  14. Tempest is a tea pot. This is, of course, the U.S.A. isnt it? You were not only on the wrong side of the river, you're on the wrong side of the Pond to be singing this same ole tune m8. While it's OK to lead by example it is in very bad taist to counsel a native, law abiding person on what their doing no matter what. A carp is a carp, is a carp, is a carp. You can put lipstick on a Pig but it's still just a Pig. Just because the Euro anglers have no Bass to exploit and are forced to settle for a Carp, doesn't mean any one here in the states needs too. We can ifn we want too, but don't stand your soap box and preach to the choir. Yes, CAG needs to show by example but should never talk trash about the average American that is doing the best they can with the tackle and information they have. Not to mention (( It's LEGAL )).... I do think that some need to get a handle on themselves and come to grips that here in the U.S.A. a carp, is a carp, is a carp. Thats just the way it is. Now, since I'm not used to getting everything I want, it doesnt break my heart that this is just the way it is. To quote the late and great John Wayne " It's like the weather, you can't change it, you just have to live with it". JMHO Tom.
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