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  1. Andy,

    Sorry to hear you are stepping down but I fully understand why, time to enjoy what you have built and get back to enjoying what you love. Paige and I have and still do enjoy all the things you have done and the friends we have with you and Nikki. I look forward to spending time on the bank with both of you when we can. Thanks for all you have done for cag and all who you have crossed ways with during your time here. Look forward to you baits and flavors coming being I have had the chance to use some. Amos

  2. great job Austin on all the fish and winning the shoe, Lucky for you Nikki wasn't there this year LOL. Darren congrats on the big fish, see you in September. Brandon thanks for stepping up and running this event Paige and I enjoyed as always. Fishing with the Michigan crew is always a blast. Paige got a new PB herself. sign me up for next year! Cassie, Remington says thanks for all the treats.

  3. Hey Guys,Just wanted to wish all of you participants the best of times this weekend. Nikki and I will not be in attendance this year. We are very close to our due date and with Holland being hours away and Nikki believing we will have him earlier than expected we have to stay close to home.Catch some Holland Hogs for us!!Tight lines,Andy

    Hope all/goes well for you Nikki and the new sprinkle baby
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