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  1. John and I will not be attending this weekend good luck to all!
  2. Happened to me last week had to terminate card. Get a new one. Just got it this week. The charges on mine were 3 charges of 50 dollars from the oak brook Lions club.
  3. Simon is the MAN!!! Waiting for those new Windcast 5500 BRs! And then maybe purchase ACE alarms Im itching.
  4. Im in and love it and Cory make sure to get in touch with me to remind me about the scale and whatever else we talked about. Also I think at this last tourney I didnt have enough bait out. Ha Ha! If you got the pic Cory post it.
  5. Congrats To Jess , Chuck and Larry! Had a good time despite the rain all day. Thank you Darren once again for the mags! You guys are all top notch! Frank thanks for putting these things together I really appreciate all you do I know its alot of work. Cory Im gonna try the Brita some time this week. Sorry I forgot about the hooks.
  6. The alarms take 23a bought at walmart 2 for 4 dollars and receiver takes 3 triple a
  7. Special shout out to the guys at Big Carp Tackle 2 seperate orders in one week got here by Saturday. Fast shipping and great service. Thanks so much wasnt expecting my second order till sometime next week now I get a chance to try these new boilies at this weekends tournament. Thank you!
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