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  1. matt is fast at resolving issues and is great with customer service . i will buy from him again soon
  2. hey man you got the pic of the big cat ???????? congrats !

  3. bill , would you happen to have a alarm that you no longer need that you can sell at a good price ? one of my alarms is slowly trying to go out on me . thanks , jesse

  4. good motning bill . i am ready to buy motr hooks . this time i will need 100 . i can send the money thru paypal as soon as you tell me they are available . my adress is 2602 quinto dr . dallas ,tx . 75227 thank you sir , jesse

  5. hahaha youngman, Jesse come fish with us Saturday ya old fart

  6. You are Welcome Youngman! If you are looking to make the initial move into Alarms, I would suggest the Resistance Tackle ones. Tell Andy that HOPPY4 sent you! Having a LEVEL Head on you when it comes to Carp Fishing equipment is an asset that will be your friend. If you cannot Justify the purchase by use or by financial situation, then leave it or wait until you can!


  7. oh my sounds like they were quite more expensive than i realized . that translates into 9 hundred and some odd dollars new. realistically i woulnt be able to afford that money . thanks alot for your time sir ...... jesse

  8. At the end of the post below, I said Make an Offer!!!

  9. Hello, I have the original CarpSounders F-1s from Germany. They were purchased in 05 and have beeen used since then. There are 4 of these and also a remote as well. All are operational (Green one does not sound, but the remote signal is operational). The set includes 4 alarms (Red, Green, Blue & Yellow with remote Receiver and original case)! When purchased, they were Euro 600.00! M...

  10. i was wondering how much and do you have pics of them ? how old are they ? were they bought new ? did you upgrade ? right now i have a delk , a snake , and bfs alrm lol . are those carpsounders german made ??? thank you sir . ( wont be able to read response till tommorrow eve late . have a good one sir

  11. Good Morning,

    Yes, I may be willing to part with a SET of alarms. I would consider selling my set of CarpSounder F-1s.

    J. Hopkins


  12. hi bill , do you still have some of the hooks left that i bought from you before ? or know where i could similarly priced hooks ? thanks in advance , jesse

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